The governance of the Energy Union

An ambitious EU-wide governance energy regulation

FuelsEurope welcomes the Commission’s proposal on the Governance of the Energy Union as the policy instrument to create an appropriate framework for the EU’s energy transition in the coming decades. It aims to harmonise the implementation of the legislation, ensure policy coherency, and create a robust system of reporting, monitoring and enforcement measures, in line with Better Regulation.

The Governance Regulation will allow comparison of national plans which ask Member States (MS) to define long-term energy and climate strategies, in line with the goals of the Energy Union. A coherent policy across the EU will be key for establishing conditions that remain predictable and stable over the upcoming decade and enable an EU-wide energy market.

FuelsEurope also welcomes Article 40 and Article 49 in the proposal regarding reporting requirements of origin and place of purchase of supplied fuels and energy under the Fuel Quality Directive.
Generally, it needs to be ensured that the chosen instruments and mechanisms do not lead to excessive bureaucratic burdens for Member States and subsequently for companies. Doubling of existing reporting requirements should be avoided.