The EU 2030 framework for climate and energy policies

This document presents EUROPIA’s (representing the European Petroleum Industry) contribution to the debate about the 2030 framework for climate and energy policies.

EUROPIA agrees with the trio of energy and climate policy objectives: security of supply, sustainability and affordability of energy prices supporting industrial competitiveness and societal quality of life. We believe that tradeoffs among the objectives must be openly addressed, and the current emphasis of policies re-balanced: future policy choices should ensure that equal weight is given to all three objectives.

EUROPIA welcomes the adoption, in October 2012, of the Industrial Policy Communication Update and its emphasis on the importance of placing industry centre-stage if the EU is to remain a global economic leader. While calling for a proactive EU industrial policy, the Commission stressed that this leadership objective can only be met in the presence of a performing pan-European energy infrastructure, completion of the internal market for gas and electricity and competitive energy prices. The integrated EU energy and industry policy should aim to put competitiveness and sustainability on an equal footing.