The Commission eventually heard the call from EU manufacturing industry for a genuine Industrial strategy for Europe

FuelsEurope welcomes the fact that the Commission has ultimately released a stance on industry in its Communication “Investing in a smart, innovative and sustainable Industry, A renewed EU Industrial Policy Strategy” and its Annex “Next Steps on Key Actions”.

The Commission heard the call of European manufacturing sectors and should now without any delay propose a robust and ambitious strategy setting clear direction, priorities and targets to restore the contribution of the manufacturing industry to GDP at its past levels.

FuelsEurope reminds the Commission that in 2012, it had set a target for a 20% contribution of industry to GDP, which was based on a manufacturing basis, and we believe the future ambition should be consistent.
It is encouraging for the Commission to reaffirm that industry is important to the EU jobs and growth, but we feel that initial comments paints too positive a picture of the situation for manufacturing. High energy costs, regulatory burden and an uncertain investment climate are issues that are real challenges for the future of European industry.

FuelsEurope appreciate the recognition of the need for multi-stakeholder dialogue and the room for local/regional solutions is a positive departure from a one-size fits all approach. In that perspective, FuelsEurope would be very happy to contribute to the discussions in the High-Level Industrial Roundtable.

FuelsEurope suggest that to show real commitment to furthering industry, the GDP target is renewed and that the Commission takes a lead from the Council and Parliament's request to put a proper action plan in place to create a stronger business and investment environment.