More than a Manifesto - The European fuel manufacturing industry's offer to the EU

Brussels, 16 May 2024: The European fuel manufacturing industry published today, ahead of the next 5-year legislature, its offer for the EU, its citizens, and businesses, to supply sustainable, affordable, and reliable liquid fuels, and products for industry. With the right EU policy framework in place, the industry could make a significant contribution and investment to help the EU successfully deliver climate neutrality by 2050, ensure a secure and affordable supply of energy, and foster innovative, EU-based, globally competitive industry.

In the context of the European elections in June 2024 and the renewal of the European Parliament, the President of the Commission and the College of Commissioners, the European fuel manufacturing industry presents its vision of what success looks like for Europe and outlines its contribution to enabling the EU to achieve its 2050 objectives.

The EU has to achieve climate neutrality by 2050; At the same time and as importantly, it has also to become a society capable of overcoming the next pandemic, the next international conflict and all the unforeseeable global crises behind the corner. Ensure that citizens have access to sustainable and affordable energy when and where they need it, and that critical infrastructure such as hospitals, public transport and services rely on an uninterrupted – and affordable - supply of energy; The EU’s economy has to rely on an internationally competitive, innovative, sustainable industry and create wealth, offer quality jobs and provide business for many small and large companies.

Liana Gouta, Director General of FuelsEurope, stated “The European Fuel Manufacturers can offer the EU, its citizens and businesses sustainable, affordable and reliable liquid fuels and products. Provided the right policy framework is in place, we are prepared to transform our assets and make a significant contribution and investment to enable climate neutrality by 2050, secure supply of sustainable and affordable energy, and innovative, EU-based, globally competitive industry.”

Climate neutrality cannot be achieved without renewable fuels. Therefore, the European fuel manufacturing industry is an integral part of the solution in the EU journey to climate neutrality, by replacing fossil molecules with renewable molecules in our products, cutting the carbon footprint of our operations, and enabling decarbonisation of other strategic industries.

Liana Gouta underlined “It’s not just about making plans: we are already taking actions. Some of our conventional refineries in Europe have been converted into biorefineries, replacing petroleum by 100% sustainable biomass. Furthermore, other refineries are already co-processing a mix of fossil and biomass raw material, the latter enabling to replace oil feedstock to gradually reduce the carbon footprint of their products. And also, significant investments are being made in other alternative clean technologies, such as renewable electricity, charging points for EVs or hydrogen production.”

The EU could lead globally in innovation on advanced biofuels and synthetic fuels, a technological know-how and leadership driven by our industry. Liana Gouta stated “We are ready to cooperate with the EU to impact-assess the relevant regulations, suggest corrective actions and unlock technological and investment potential.” She added “To enable us contributing to the implementation of the EU’s climate transition, we urgently call for an EU Strategy for the Transition of Liquid Fuels and Products, as part of the regulatory blueprint of the upcoming EU Institutional Cycle.”