FuelsEurope response to the report “Restricting Fossil Fuel Lobbying” published on 24 October 2019

Some NGOs are questioning whether FuelsEurope and its members should be able to contribute to the policy debate and regulatory processes. We published more than one year ago (2018) our Vision 2050, the industry’s long-term strategy for delivering carbon-neutral mobility and carbon-neutral products to contribute to the EU’s long term climate objectives and the Paris Agreement.

The Vision 2050 offers various solutions to answer one of the most critical challenges of our time, meeting the demand for energy while at the same time limiting the emission of greenhouse gases. The EU refining industry can contribute to effectively address this dilemma, critical for many sectors, aviation, marine, heavy duty but also military, rescue services, police, buses, deliveries, railways and of course the millions of citizens, workers and businesses that depend from these sectors. The refining industry is actively engaged in the challenge of meeting the 2050 climate objectives and is one of the few sectors that can propose an answer for the whole transport sector. Is this a good reason to restrict our access to the EU institutions?

We also represent civil society and will fight for our right to continue to be part of the debate; we firmly reject the call of those who consider their views as the only legitimate ones and want to silence any dissenting voice. We will continue engaging with the EU institutions to help shaping and informing the policy framework enabling the deployment of these low-carbon technologies for the benefit of all European citizens and businesses.