FuelsEurope partners with the FIA World Rally Championship to promote the role and benefits of renewable fuels in reducing emissions from transport

The FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) and FuelsEurope, under its campaign “Clean Fuels for All” have concluded a partnership for the seasons 2023 & 2024. This partnership consists of a two-year collaboration for the promotion and awareness of renewable fuels on all European stages of the WRC.

Alain Mathuren, Communication Director at FuelsEurope explains: “The availability and benefits of renewable fuels are ignored by a vast majority of citizens and drivers. The WRC, in particular since it transitioned into a competition using 100 per cent renewable fuels, presents an outstanding opportunity to showcase what renewable fuels are and how easily they can be used in existing and new vehicles without any technical modifications.

He added: “With this partnership we have a unique platform to promote renewable fuels in a number of European countries and better inform the general public about their origin, sustainability and benefits for reducing emissions from transport.”

This partnership coincides with the heated political debate around the technology options for light duty vehicles after 2035. The WRC and FuelsEurope share a joint belief in exploring all sustainable technologies which can help mitigate CO2 emissions.

We are excited to announce this partnership, which highlights the WRC’s leadership in the transition to clean fuels and our dedication to sustainability and innovation in the motorsport industry,” expressed WRC Promoter Managing Director Jona Siebel.

This collaboration showcases the value of our efforts to become a leader in the field of sustainable mobility, and we are eager to continue driving positive change in the industry.

Alain Mathuren continued: “The use of renewable fuels can reduce well-to-wheel CO2 emissions in the transport sector by up to 90 per cent compared to conventional diesel or gasoline, hence making any Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicle almost climate-neutral and comparable to electric vehicles. Having renewable fuels used in such cutting-edge motorsport engines is the proof of the high quality of the fuels, which ultimately will benefit all ICEs.

Decarbonising the transport sector will require all technologies to collectively contribute, and renewable fuels have a major role to play. This is what will be demonstrated on the stages of the WRC throughout the year.