FuelsEurope on the Antwerp Declaration and the New European Industrial Deal: "Time for Europe to turn the spotlight on its Industry again"

Today 73 industry leaders and a number of leading associations, including FuelsEurope, the association representing the fuel manufacturing industry, presented ‘The Antwerp Declaration for a European Industrial Deal’ to Belgian Prime Minister, Alexander De Croo and Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen. The declaration underlines the commitment of industries to Europe and its transformation and outlines the urgent need to make European industry competitive, resilient, and sustainable in the face of dire economic conditions. It calls for a European Industrial Deal, based on 10 concrete actions, to be at the core of the next EU Strategic Agenda 2024 – 2029 while complementing the EU Green Deal.

FuelsEurope Director General, Liana Gouta, who participated in the inaugural event and cosigned the Declaration on behalf of FuelsEurope, explains the importance of such initiative:
“It is time for Europe to turn the spotlight on its industry again; the European industry that will be supporting the implementation of the Green Deal by transforming its assets, developing green technologies and producing carbon neutral products for all EU citizens. The EU Green Deal has been the flagship at the heart of the current legislative period. Now we need to implement and deliver, and an EU Industrial Deal is needed, alongside the Green Deal, to make it happen.

When it comes to the Fuels Industry, Liana Gouta underlines that “climate neutrality cannot be met without renewable liquid fuels and products. These renewable fuels and products should be produced in Europe”. “Our sector has strategic and critical industrial assets and infrastructure across Europe, and it has already embarked on a journey to shift from fossil based to renewable fuels and products. During this transition, it must maintain its competitiveness in order to safeguard Europe's energy security and reduce its dependency on imports. However, for this to materialise, and within the context of a new Industrial Deal, Europe needs to develop an EU Strategy for the Transition of Liquid Fuels and Products. This strategy will enable a faster and economically sustainable decarbonisation of transport and the industrial value chain.”

Furthermore, the European Industrial Deal should incentivise investments in the low and zero-carbon transition of the Fuel Manufacturing Industry, a pivotal element of the EU industrial value chain. The Antwerp Declaration outlines the industry’s vision for a European Industrial Deal and calls for creating a compelling business case for these crucial investments.

“The ambition is high and the investments that will be needed, huge. Europe must become the attractive place for them. Our sector and all of our members have a clear Vision for our transition, strategies and multi-million investment plans. Our intention and hope are to have the enabling framework to implement these large investments in Europe. It is the only way to make Europe energy-secure, competitive and sustainable, leader in green technologies”, Liana Gouta concluded.

For further details, refer to the full Antwerp Declaration for a European Industrial Deal.