Concawe publishes a unique life-cycle assessment interactive comparator for heavy-duty vehicles

The Concawe GHG comparator published today shows the life-cycle assessment of greenhouse gas emissions from 5 different heavy-duty vehicle types in real-world conditions.

One could argue, what, another comparator? Aren’t there already enough? 

Alessandro Bartelloni, FuelsEurope Director commented “no! This online comparator has unique characteristics:

  • Transparent assumptions: Independent data sources, peer-reviewed and thourougly documented.
  • 14 different parameters out of which the user is allowed to adjust a number of parameters (7 parameters can be adjusted) as he/she deems suitable.
  • 5 vehicles options including long haul truck, urban delivery truck, city bus, inter regional coach and refuse truck (garbage collector).
  • 5 powertrain options.
  • 26 energy options.”

Why is it needed?

The FuelsEurope Director underlined “As powertrains diversify – hybrids, plug-in hybrids, battery electric vehicles and fuel cell hydrogen vehicles – along with internal combustion engine vehicles fuelled by growing quantities of renewable fuels - the carbon footprint over their life-cycle heavily depends on a number on conditions. These include vehicle characteristics, use cases, and carbon intensity of vehicle manufacturing and fuel/electricity production.”

He concluded “have a look at the comparator, you will be surprised and most likely fascinated by the learnings you will get from the tool.”

You can navigate through this interactive tool at