The benefits of an EU Strategy for Liquid Fuels?

Low-carbon and renewable liquid fuels will play a critical role in the EU’s climate neutrality objectives, and this is now increasingly recognised by many stakeholders. The European Commission in its Communication on a “Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy” from December 2020 also gave increased attention to these fuels by announcing its intention to launch a Renewable & Low Carbon Liquid Fuels Value Chain Alliance.

New liquid fuels value chains are appearing, new industrial opportunities are emerging and a broad stakeholder community is engaged in the development of these low carbon and renewable liquid fuels. These technologies will contribute to enabling EU’s aviation, maritime and road sectors to become climate neutral but also to building EU’s technological leadership globally.

This session aims at discussing the benefits of an EU-wide strategy for liquid fuels. Could such a strategy provide investors with a clear signal? Would such a strategy provide the required predictability to industry? What is expected from policymakers? What regulations could support or facilitate the development of manufacturing at scale renewable and low-carbon liquid fuels?

Find the video recording of this session here.

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