State of the European Green Deal – avoiding overlap and maximizing synergies between policy instruments

This meeting is part of a continuous series organised by ERCST on the European Green Deal, which started on 8 January 2020 right after the European Commission’s EGD was announced. This work stream aims to bring together policymakers and stakeholders on a regular basis to take stock on recent developments in the EGD framework. Each of these focus on the recent high-level policy developments under the European Green Deal, the ‘general sentiment’ of stakeholders on the direction and implementation of the EGD, and/or overall political, strategic or governance issues.

There are 12 policy proposals expected from the European Commission by June 2021, ranging from revising the existing climate and energy policies to introducing new fiscal approaches (both within the EU and at the border) and using new sources of revenues to speed up the transition. While it should be expected that a coherent policy package will be proposed in June, each individual proposal will inevitably be subject to separate Trilogue negotiations.

Ahead of to the spring 2021 European Council (25-26 March), this session will look at how the various measures planned in the ‘Fit for 55’ climate and energy package play together, what emphasis is being put on pricing carbon, and if there are potential risks for waterbed effects and overlap in its implementation.

The first panel of this meeting is intended to take a political and strategical approach to those matters, with a focus on the different policy tools that might put a price on carbon, and how they fit together in delivering on the objectives of the EGD.

As a case in point, the energy taxation directive (ETD), ETS and CBAM will have similar objectives, including pricing carbon and generating revenues, while protecting against the risk of carbon leakage. The second part of this meeting will focus on how the design, coverage and functioning of these three tools will have to avoid overlap and ensure synergies.

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