Fit for 55: Key Implications for Liquid Fuels

Emanuela Sardellitti, FuelsEurope Advocacy Strategy Manager will be speaking at the Fit for 55: Key Implications for Liquid Fuels webinar hosted by the Methanol Institute on 7 October at 13:00 CEST.

This free webinar will feature speakers from the Low-carbon and renewable liquid fuel platform, OCI/BioMCN, and the European Commission, who will present about the role of liquid fuels under the Fit for 55 Package. They will provide their thoughts on the regulatory landscape proposed by the European Commission and share their views on potential improvements necessary to attain the overall objective of reducing carbon emissions in the EU.

Will liquid fuels solely exist in maritime and aviation moving forward? Does the Fit for 55 Package truly unlock the potential of low-carbon liquid fuels to address climate change?

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