FuelsEurope’s position paper on Review of the Energy Taxation Directive

FuelsEurope supports aligning the taxation of energy products and electricity with EU energy and climate objectives.

Summary and key messages:

1.1 A reform of fuel and energy taxation is supported as enabler for very low or zero taxation for low carbon fuels and energies and to ensure a level playing field for all energy sources used;

1.2 A need to transform the road transport volume-based excise taxation into a taxation base consisting of primarily, or wholly based on the emitted combustion CO2;

1.3 If the Commission desires to tax aviation and maritime fuels, coherence with road fuels and energy taxation should be ensured;

1.4 Heating fuels and energies taxation should be made coherent with transport fuel and energy taxation but with special emphasis related to regional specificities as well as social considerations;

1.5 The review is an opportunity to harmonise the way in which several clauses related to the use of fuels and energy in manufacturing processes are handled.